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Ok, so my biggest crush ever is coming back to my base on march 24th. I need to reach my 4th GW by then. It's 21lbs away. I have 46 days. I was at my highest weight the last time he saw me. I want him to be in shock!

So here it is:
HW: 210
CW: 175
LW: 175
Next GW: 154
Height: 5"8

keep on losing

New stats!!!!!

HW: 95.5kg
1st GW: 85kg
2nd GW: 80kg
3rd GW: 75kg
CW: 79.8kg
C BMI: 27.5
UGW: 50kg

I just turned 20.
Weighing 15kg less then when i turned 19.

I'm proud.
Are you?

New BMI!!!

My BMI is now 29.
it used to be 33...

i'm no longer "obese".. at least medically speaking.. i'm still huge.

i have to lose 14 kg till march. i have to. I WILL.
New weight, new goal!
I'm 185.7lbs. It's still huge but it's better than 200, right?
My new goal is 176lbs. I'm giving myself till next saturday. I think it's possible.

I had 250cals today and i'm going to bed in less than 5 hours. I'll eat nothing till then.

I will be thin!
All the girls in the operation soon talked about EDs today. I just got really angry and stepped outside to have a smoke. It was that annoying!

People just dont understand!

Dec. 3rd, 2008

Arrg! So many temptations!
But there some good news! I lost another 2lbs! That makes my CW 188lbs. It's the lowest i've been since 2002. I'ts gross, i know.

Hope that everybody's doing well!


P.S: i wanted to say that i found a song that really thinspired me lately. It's called "Just Feel Better" by Aerosmith and Carlos Santana.

I just wanted to say thanks :)

I wanted to say thanks to all of you sweeties. I'm feeling so much better about my self since i joined here a week ago. It's been the best week i had in a long time. I'm feeling really strong too.
Thats all i wanted to say. Thank god i found you guys.


my BMI just dropped under 30 today.

that means that technically, i'm not obese anymore.
just really really fat..


Feeling funny..

I feel weird...
not hungry, but weird...

maybe its bc i havent eaten that much since sunday..

The weight is comming off, though!

still a really long way to go but i'm confident.
i believe i can do this.

only 2.5kg till 1GW! i hope i'll lose is till the end of next week :)


happy as a clam.

its the 4th day of my sacred heart diet.
i'm only allowed soup, bananas and skim milk today.

i can SO do this!

i am such a cow. mooo.